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What’s Special About Our Animals

  • Your best alternative to wild game
  • Loaded with natural minerals and vitamins
  • No antibiotics
  • No pesticides
  • No hormones
  • No animal by-products
  • Raised in a low stress, natural environment by experienced herders
  • Range free year-round on certified organic rangeland, enjoying clean spring water and abundant grasslands

Grass-Fed Nutrition Compared To Grain-Fed Beef

  • Fewer calories and a lower saturated fat content
  • Beneficial Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
  • More than three times Omega 3 fats
  • Higher levels of anti-oxidants such as beta carotene, Vitamin E and CLA

Frequently Asked Questions about our beef

Here are some frequently asked questions about us and our beef. For more complete information please download the complete beef FAQ here (PDF 18k):

Is your meat federally inspected?
No. But the family run butcher shop we use is USDA- approved.

Is it legal to sell beef without a federal inspection?
Yes. If we were to sell retail, we would have to go through a USDA plant. But we actually sell the animal on the hoof (live). Selling an animal on the hoof exempts you from having to get USDA inspection.

Do you sell this way to avoid inspection?
No. We do not sell this way to avoid inspection, but to insure quality of our product. We sell this way to avoid going retail, i.e.: to sell through a common grocery store.

Mountain Beef grass fed free range cattle

How do you price your beef?
To sell from the ranch and not be federally inspected we must sell a live animal. Pricing is determined by the per-pound price we have set for that year, multiplied by the weight of the animal, which varies. In 2015, the price per pound is $5.45 cut, wrapped and delivered. More info on beef pricing and hanging weight

Isn’t grass-fed beef gamey tasting?
This is a claim some people have made for this beef. Call it what you like, we simply call it flavor. We are proud of the way our beef tastes!

Could you sell us a little bit at a time? We have limited freezer space and it is a lot of money to spend at one time.
Unfortunately, because we sell beef on the hoof, as explained above, we have to sell our meat in bulk quantities.

You mention in your brochure that you don’t use synthetic chemicals. Is this organic beef?
Yes. We do not certify our beef, but it is as organic as it gets, and our cattle run on certified organic rangeland.

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Mark and Amy Ramsden :: (541) 263-1515 | Download our brochure (PDF 442k) | Download pricing info (PDF 13k)