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About Us

We’re a small family ranch situated on the border between Washington and Oregon, grazing our animals onĀ certified organic rangeland in both states.

We operate with a belief that Black Angus and Spanish Corriente cattle can be sustainably grown in the canyons and mountains of Eastern Washington and Oregon.

We follow a traditional pastoral grazing system where riders herd cattle and monitor range country year around, sharing the natural environment with other wildlife.

How Our Animals Help The Land

Able to graze on the coarse vegetation which is passed up by elk, sheep and deer, our cattle stimulate regrowth that is then favored by those same animals.

  • Physiologically stimulate the plants growth
  • Control weed proliferation without chemical use
  • We’re able to use grazing as a tool to improve ecological conditions

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Mountain Beef Ranch Pullman, WA






Mark and Amy Ramsden :: (541) 263-1515 | Download our brochure (PDF 442k) | Download pricing info (PDF 13k)

Mountain Beef in Washington offering Tacoma Washington Sustainable Farming and Oregon Premium Beef.