Whole Beef Deposit

Whole Beef Deposit


This is a deposit for a whole beef, Grass-fed, raised and finished on natural grass pastures in Western Washington and Oregon.

We sell our beef by the live weight.

  • In 2018, the price per pound hanging weight is $5.45 (for a whole steer). This adds up to $2289 for 420 lbs hanging weight. Note: price for a half steer is $5.70 and a quarter is $6.00.

  • You will receive appx 295 lbs finished product, for an average of $7.75 per pound (e.g. $2289/295 lbs.)

  • Our $7.75 per pound average includes all cuts of beef. 

Check out organic grass fed beef in the grocery stores and compare prices of different cuts, e.g. chuck roast, steaks, hamburger, etc. Typical prices for organic grass-fed range from $7 to $39 per pound.  Our $7.75 per pound average includes all cuts of beef.

A deposit is required to purchase your animal.  For a whole animal the deposit is $600, a half is $300 a quarter is $150 and an eight is $75.  Upon delivery the balance will be due.  The balance will consist of the managing cost, butchering, slaughtering and delivery, all based on hanging weight at processing time.  See the example above for a whole beef.

Our current beef prices are $2.20 per pound for a side of beef (half) and $2.10 per pound for a whole. We harvest our animals throughout the year and use Wagners Meats in Mt. Airy, MD to harvest and custom cut the beef.  Wagners Meats is an eighteen minute drive from our farm which enables us to deliver the animals on the morning of harvest for less stress on the animal.

We require a deposit of $150 to reserve a quarter beef. On the day of harvest we weigh the steer or heifer (average weight is 1200 pounds) and send an invoice for the remaining balance.

The beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days and is custom cut to your specifications and flash frozen and vacuum sealed.  The Butcher is paid directly by you for the processing and cutting fee, which is presently $0.72 a pound on the hanging weight and a $60 per head processing charge or $30 for a half.*

How much meat do I take home from the processor? 40% of the actual weight of the steer or the heifer will be your take home weight. For example:  Half of a 1200 pound steer (600 pounds) will yield approximately 348 pounds hanging weight and approximately 240 pounds will be the take home weight.

How much freezer space do I need?  9 cubic feet for a half (side) of beef. A good rule of thumb is 1 cubic feet of freezer space per 25-30 pounds of beef.

*All prices subject to change

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