It's peace of mind, knowing where the food comes from. It's high, high quality.”

It's organic, it's cost-effective, and we like having every cut in the freezer. I remember paying $11.99 for a little steak six or seven years ago. It's so nice not to have to stand in front of that counter at the store and look at the high prices and wonder where it came from."

— Melissa Dutton, Bainbridge Island

Mountain Beef, that's a whole different story! You can actually feel the nutritional quality.

"You can actually feel the beef working in your cells - you can feel the nutritional quality. I've never been a big red meat eater... but it's so good, when I'm eating this, I don't want anything else, I don't want to eat no vegetables, no potatoes, no bread - just this!

— Ilgvar Daga, Founder of Iggy's Foods

"It's got a different flavor than meat you get at the store, kind of a wild favor. We love it."