Grass-fed, Grass-finished beef, run on natural range lands, 
chemical & hormone-free, lower in fat and calories

Mountain Beef is a small family ranch in Washington and Oregon. We produce naturally grown beef: grass-fed, run on rangeland, with no chemicals or hormones.

Mountain Beef is a high quality Seattle WA meat supplier. Our Washington grass-fed beef is delicious, lean, all-natural beef that our customers love.
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“The best beef I have ever eaten!”
Richard C.

“I love knowing my freezer is full of healthy, delicious beef ready for me to cook with all year long.
It saves me time and money at the grocery store.”
Crystal N.

“We like knowing where our beef comes from, and where it's processed. The family is wonderful."

“It's not mystery burger processed with thousands of cows that are full of hormones."

“I like supporting local farmers, and it's low in fat, too."


Now also available by the cut!