Grass-Fed Beef

• No added hormones, antibiotics or pesticides
• Fewer calories than feed lot beef
• Beneficial Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
• Higher levels of anti-oxidants than grain-fed beef
• Better for the environment, the cows and your family
• Amazing flavor

Whole, Half & Quarter Shares 

Bulk beef is priced by hanging weight.  A deposit is required to reserve your beef, and the balance will be due upon delivery. The balance consists of, slaughtering, butchering, and delivery to select locations. 

  • Whole beef at $5.55 per pound (based on hanging weight).  Deposit of $600.  For a whole steer you will receive approximately 280 lbs. finished product, for an average of $7.93 per pound for all cuts (e.g. $2220/280 lbs.)

  • Half beef at $6.35 per pound  (based on hanging weight).  Deposit of $300.

  • Quarter beef at $6.65 per pound (based on hanging weight)  Deposit of $150.A
    *Spring 2019 prices.

How to Order:

  1. Reserve your beef for fall delivery with a deposit. Link below or we accept orders directly via phone or email.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us via email or phone: 541-263-1515. 

  2. Specify a delivery location.

  3. Let us know which cut options you would like.

  4. Pick up your beef at the location you have specified, paying the balance at that time.

  5. Enjoy your beef!

CLICK FOR: Examples of final pricing and weights of quarters, halves and wholes.

2019 Delivery Schedule:

Bainbridge -September 21 at the Johnson Farm.  Late afternoon and early evening.
Pullman / Clarkston - November; Date TBD
Seattle - October; 5th or 6th and 19th or 20th.  At the Nathan Hale High School Parking lot.
Portland - Either Late October or early November; Date TBD
Kennewick - September, October or November; Date(s) TBD
Wallowa County (Butcher shop local) - September, October or November
All others: Shipping - September, October or November

Unsure of how much to order?

Our recommendation:
A whole beef will fit a family that eats about 5 pounds of meat a weekly.
A half beef will fit a family that eats about 2.5 pounds of meat weekly.
A quarter beef will fit a family that eats about 1.5 pounds of meat weekly.
Do you eat less? Find another family and split the quarter… we are happy to package it accordingly.

How much meat do I take home from the butcher shop? 50% of the actual weight of the steer or heifer will be the hanging weight. For example:  Half of an 800 pound steer is 400 pounds which is the hanging weight. Because our beef is grass fed & finished, it yields high. After butchering you can expect to take home approximately 280 pounds of beef.  Click here for cut options for the butcher.

How much freezer space do I need?  8 cubic feet for a half (side) of beef. A good rule of thumb is 1 cubic feet of freezer space per 25-30 pounds of beef.