Best Steak Ever

We want you to enjoy the most flavorful, tender, juicy steak ever…. So here is the method, and seasonings we use for our “best steak ever”. Feel free to alter the seasonings to your own preference, but keep in mind the methods presented here will benefit the tenderness and flavor no matter what cut or seasoning.

1. Start ahead of time!
Mark tells all of our beef purchasers to plan ahead, and he doesn’t mean only one day ahead either! Get your meat out of the freezer and let it thaw in the refrigerator for four or five days. This provides time for the meat to thaw and tenderize.

2. Bring them up to temperature.
Start with the steaks. Take them out of the refrigerator, season them, and let them marinate on the counter for 15-50 min. (If you wish to marinate them longer, we recommend doing so in the refrigerator.) While the steaks are soaking in that flavor, heat up your grill. Get it plenty hot. Hot enough to sear in the juices when the steaks are put on the grill. If your steaks are thick, turn the heat down immediately after putting the steaks on the grill to cook them through. But before you put those steaks on…

3. Pat them dry.
Dry steaks sear so much better than wet ones! If you feel you have rubbed off too much of your seasoning - you can always add more.

4. Cover the grill!
Put a lid on the grill immediately after putting your steaks on it. This helps the steaks cook more evenly. After 5 min. gently turn the steaks to the other side. Avoid moving them once you have turned them. No matter the utensil you use, pushing the meat around releases the juices, instead of keeping them in the meat - so handle the meat as little as possible. Remember to put the lid back on the grill!

5. Don’t overcook your meat.
In general, grass-fed beef requires 30% less cooking time than grain-fed. On some grills, maintaining an even temperature throughout the cooking time can be a challenge - so instead of a blanket cooking time statement, try the finger test method for checking the doneness of your meat. - see explanation here - Also remember that your meat will continue to cook for a short period of time after being removed from the grill… so remove it slightly before it is at your desired state of “done”.

Kirkland brand Sweet Mesquite Seasoning

Kirkland brand Sweet Mesquite Seasoning

Our favorite seasonings:
Sweet Mesquite Seasoning. Not so much as to cover the meat - but enough that you recognize it is on there.
Granulated garlic. You can use fresh garlic if you prefer - just rub it into the raw meat with the back of a spoon before dusting with the other flavorings.
Salt and Pepper. While the amount of salt and pepper tends to be a personal preference, in general, the meat will taste more evenly salted if the salt is allowed to marinate on the meat for at least 30 min. before cooking.
A tsp. or so of Worcestershire sauce (per steak). It is our observation that this liquid seems to help the meat absorb more of the other seasonings.
Sometimes we add a tsp. or so of Liquid Smoke. Primarily we use this during the colder months when we grill indoors with our electric grill.